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Series 6000 Extension IV
Great General Sounds, Helicopters & a Hummer
10 CD Audio 1072 SFX
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Another great addition to "The General", Extension IV offers 10 more CDs and over 1,000 sound effects - everything from the practical to the unusual. Check out this terrific general collection - it includes a full Hum Vee package, a small fleet of airplanes, heavy construction and road equipment, sounds from a variety of industrial environments, solid rock and wood FX, water, rain and liquids, and a host of other spectacular audio.

6081 - Air, Airplanes, Alarms, Creatures, Arcade Video Games, Auto Races

6082 - Auto Races, Auto Tire Spins, Axe Chops, Battle Ambiences, City Ambiences, Cartoon Voices, Construction Ambiences, Construction Bulldozers, Crashes, Creaks, Crowds

6083 - Crowds, Doors, Earthquakes, Electricity, Elevators, Engine Rooms, Explosions, Fires, Fireworks, Forest Ambiences

6084 - Furnaces, Glass Sounds, Bullet Impacts & Ricochets, Hits, Hockey Ambiences, Horror & Foley, Heart Monitors, Human Grunts, Ice Sounds, Industrial Ambiences

6085 - Industrial Machines, Marsh Ambiences, Metal Detectors, Marching Bands, Radio Tuning, Rain, Residential & Rest Stop Ambiences, Rock Falls, Room Tones

6086 - Sci Fi Alarms, Ambiences, Drones and other Sounds, Stone Scrapes, Shovels, Slides, Snowblowers, Snow Plows

6087 - Snow Plows, Telemetry, Telephones, Timers, Traffic Ambiences, Steam Trains

6088 - Steam Trains, Tree Falls, Truck Signals, Walkie Talkies, Water Sounds, Wind Ambiences, Wood Sounds

6089 - Helicopters Sounds: Astar AS350D, Chinook, Hughes 300, Labrador Search & Rescue, Sikorsky

6090 - Hummer H1 SUV: Full Package

































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