Cartoon Express
Cartoon Sounds, One Liners & Comic Music Accents
10 CD Audio & 1 DVD ROM 5,646 SFX
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Cartoon Express Sound Effects Collection

All Aboard! The Cartoon Express from Sound Ideas offers 10 jam-packed CDs that feature 1,000 cartoon sound clips and accents, almost 500 comedy one liners in both male and female voices, and 205 selections of burps, farts and barf. It's a sound effect collection that's designed to make you laugh until you cry!

And that's not all - Cartoon Express also provides several octaves full of cartoon and comedy sounds from more than 30 different musical and percussion instruments. Choose just the right comedy accent from more than 3,700 trills, plucks, wobbles, twangs, bends, scratches, whistles, squeaks, squawks, honks, animal sounds, toots, zips, boings, pings, warbles, snaps, and hits, not to mention instruments that talk and laugh. And the Cartoon Express has an extra special caboose along for the ride - wav file versions of every effect provided on separate DVD discs in 16 bit / 44.1 file format.

Cartoon Express - your ticket to the funny fast track.
























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