Impact Effects 3
Spectacular Smashes & Fabulous Crashes
1 CD Audio 622 SFX
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The Impact Effects 3 Sound Effect Collection

Impact Effects 3 -more of our greatest hits! Packed with punch and ready to give you great band for your buck. The Impact Effects 3 CD is loaded with more than 600 clean crashes, crunches, hits and impacts, and loads of wonderful debris and destruction.

Included in this custom designed collection are:

  • auto crashes, smashes and rollovers,
  • drops and hits for bags, barrels, buckets, drums, recycling containers, plastic jugs and heavy metal dumpsters,
  • human hits and bodyfalls, and
  • drops, hits, smashes, whacks and impacts for books, newspaper, cardboard, clothing, dishes and pottery, video tapes, lots of glass bottles and windows, tin cans, chains, chairs, doors, furniture, computers, televisions, concrete, light bulbs, luggage, tons of different metal objects, rocks, rubber and tires, toolboxes, and a nice selection of broken and splintering wood.

Impact Effects 3 - it's a wrecker's paradise!
























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