Underwater Series
Recorded from the Underwater Perspective
3 CD Audio & 1 DVD ROM 500 SFX
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The Underwater Sound Effects Series

Dive in! The Sound Ideas Underwater Series offers 500 fully hydrated sound clips that will never leave you high and dry!

Get soaked in a sound effect collection that contains a huge variety of Scuba effects, swimming and diving sounds, boating, jet ski and hot tub effects, underwater ambiences, foley, dry ice and bubbles, ice cracks, surf and beach sounds, oxygen tanks, sinking ships, avalanches, lava and explosions, water pours and splashes, waterfalls, spear gun and torpedo fx, sonar, hits and impacts, household sounds like washing machines, bathtubes and toilets, and even people screaming underwater!

The majority of these sound effects were recorded from an underwater perspective using a pair of state-of-the-art BK hydrophones and the collection also comes with a DVD disc that provides all of the sound effects in 16 bit / 44.1 k wav file format, ready for multimedia use.

Get into the swim of things with the Underwater Series form Sound Ideas, and make a real splash with you next production.






















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