The Flash eFX 2 Web Sounds Multimedia Package

Give your Web sites an extra splash of audio flash with this sequel to our very popular Flash eFX CD ROM. Flash eFX 2 contains 125 music loops and tags and 875 great sound effects tracks - just what you need to add audio punch to your pages!

The music loops and tags come in seven popular styles - Dance, Drama, Drum & Bass, Latin, Lite & Mellow, Rock and World - great music with contemporary instrumentation and lots of emotion and movement.

The sound effects include a super selection of ambience looks and drones, plus fantastic button & rollover SFX in 18 versatile categories: Animals & Bird, Bells & Whistles, Comedy, Computers & Electronics, Crash & Destruction, Doors & Latches, Guns, Hits & Explosions, Human Footsteps, Human Group, Human Solo, Human Vocal, Machines & Tools, Pass Bys, Space, Weapons, Whooshes and Zips & Zaps.

Flash eFX 2 - 1,000 Web-ready sound effects and music tracks, offered in both wav (16 bit / 44.1 k) end mp3 file formats. You can't go wrong with Web audio from Sound Ideas!

Flash eFX 2
Web-Ready Music, Button & Rollover SFX
1 CD Audio 1,000 SFX & Music Tracks
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