WebSound Web FX

This CD ROM contains 550 Button, Rollover and Sound Effect audio files, specially designed to pump up the interactive pulse of your Web site. Let your visitors know when their mouse clicks and hovers make direct contact with active sections of your site and enhance users' exploration of your pages with sound effects, music accents and other audio cues. WebSound gives your Web presentations an audible personality!

The sound files on this disc are provided in both 16 bit 44.1 kHz stereo wav and mp3 file formats. Macintosh users can play the files in high resolution wav format if they have QuickTime™ 4 or a later version installed.

How WebSound is Organized:

The WAV and MP3 folders on this CD ROM contain sub-folders for 10 different categories, which are shown in the table below. Simply pick a category and browse the descriptive file names to find a sound that you like.

Note that the file names all start with a single letter - either B (for Button), R (for Rollover), or S (for Sound Effect). This will help you choose a sound that works best for a mouse click on a button, a mouse hover or rollover, or a sound effect. Sound effects audio files can sometimes be used for either a button or a rollover, or to give a specific sound to some section or action on your Web site.

WebSound Categories and Contents:

Category Buttons Rollovers SFX Total
Alarms, Sirens & Horns 24 9 32 65
Animals & Creatures 16 8 16 40
Comedy & Cartoon 19 5 12 36
Grab Bag 24 22 15 61
Human Sounds 11 2 12 25
Music & Percussion 23 11 45 79
Switches, Levers & Clicks 53 0 7 60
Telephones & Beeps 34 16 13 63
Thumps & Bangs 33 6 30 69
Vocals 13 21 18 52
Totals 250 100 200 530

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