Series 6000 Extension V
General Library - Bikes, Vintage Planes, Ice FX & More
10 CD Audio 1226 SFX
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The Series 6000 Extension V Sound Effects Library

The Series 6000 Extension V sound effect collection - 10 more CSs and over 1,2000 sound effects. This great general SFX library features new selections of car, trucks, motorcycles, stock cars and drag racing, freestyle motocross, B-24 & B-17 bomber airplanes, a selection of military jets, NASCAR racing, funny cars, video game music, ice & snow FX, lots of great crashes & hits, workshop tools, rain & thunder and paint ball sound effects.

6091 - Air, Airplanes, Arcade Music, Auto Sounds, Dragster Races

6092 - Auto Stock Car Races, Auto Street Car Racers

6093 - Avalanches, Axe Sounds, Balloons, Battle, Bellows, Boats, Bodyfalls, Bubbles, Buses, Car Washes, Briefcases & Luggage, Casino Ambiences, Ceiling Vibrations, Chainsaws, City Ambiences

6094 - Clocks, Coffee Machine, Construction Ambience, Country Ambiences, Metal Crashes, Meteor Crash, Rock Crashes, Wood Crashes, Crowd Sounds, Dirt, Dishwashers, Dogs, Doors, Drawers, Hand Drills

6095 - Hair Dryers, Electricity, Steam Engines, Explosions, Fans, Fax Machines, Fire, Fireworks, Food, Forest Ambiences, Freezers, Furnace, Paint Ball Gun SFX, Hammer Sounds, Submarine Hatch, Heater, Helicopter, Glass Hits, Plastic Hits, Plexiglas Hits, Rock Hits, Rubber Hits, Snow Hits, Human Sounds, Ice Sounds, Industry Sounds

6096 - Industry Sounds, Insect Sounds, Jungle Ambiences, Lawn Mower, Leaves, Marsh Ambiences, Metal Drops, Drums, Rattles, Rumbles & Slides, Microphones, Missles, Motocross Motorcycles

6097 - Motocross Motorcycles, Parades, Photocopier, Piano Sounds, Plastic Crunches, Short Wave Radio, Rain, Refrigerators, Residential Ambiences, Rock Cracks, Falls, Movements & Scrapes

6098 - Room Tones, Electric Sanders, Circular, Hand, Miler & Reciprocating Saws, Jigsaws, Sci Fi Sounds, Servos, Snowballs, Snow Crunches & Rolls, Staple Guns, Stove, Subway

6099 - Swishes, Switches, Tape Measures, Telephone Pages, Thunder, Toy Sounds, Traffic, Train Station, Animal Traps, Tree Falls, Vacuum, Vending Machines, Video Static, Volcanoes, Washing Machine, Water Sounds

6100 - Water Sounds, Welding, Whooshes, Winch, Wind Sounds, Windows, Wood Breaks, Creaks, Crunches, Drops, Movement & Scrapes


















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