Mixed Variables from Crossing Point
Ambiences, Hard FX & Foley
3 CD Audio 579 SFX
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The Mixed Variables Sound Effect Collection

Mixed Variables from Crossing Point is a broad spectrum, 3 CD set created by Aarin Richard, one of the industry's top sound designers and an award winning engineer.

This incredible sound effect collection features a stunning array of unique ambiences, everything from sci fi to natural settings, plus a great selection of hard effects and Foley. Numerous tracks were recorded with the exotic KU-100 Neumann binaural head, which creates exceptional stereo imaging and depth for playback over loudspeakers and truly amazing 3D qualities when listened to in headphones - very handy for games or special applications. Other effects are spatially enhanced over two speakers, and all 579 sound effects were recorded through world class equipment with meticulous attention to sound quality.

Mixed Variables - designed to be a dynamic addition to your existing general sound effect collections.

CD MV-01: - Disc 1 is all about ambiences. Create worlds that are mysterious, eerie, haunting, ethereal, serene or foreboding. Sci fi interiors abound with regeneration chambers, rebirthing neuralizers, photon inverters, rotating arms, reactors and pulsing machine rooms. You'll also find yourself in creaking tunnels, wet sewers and with chanting monks, not to mention the very practical selection of natural settings that have been captured on this disc.

CD MV-02: - Disc 2 is for those in need of hard effects. It offers a wide variety of sound FX that make great production elements, including whacks, thwacks, crunches, whooshes, fly bys, machines, cars, tools, magic, water, wind, rain, metal, wood, latches, squirts, slurps, aliens, odd flying things, processed effects ... and a whole lot more.

CD MV-03: - Disc 3 contains more hard effects, plus a series of Foley oriented sounds. You will find many useful sound clips here that can just be dropped into your production... all so well recorded that you will be glad you don't have to go out and set up mics yourself.


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