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The SFX Kit, the sound effects library for game developers

Designed for Games & International Entertainment
8 CD Audio   19,655 SFX
Preview Mp3 Sound Effects for Game Developers $695 US

The SFX Kit

It's a massive collection - 20,000 sound effect files in 44.1k / 16 bit wav file format, especially designed for the game and interactive entertainment industries. Produced by Tommy Tallarico, one of the most successful and accomplished video game composers in history, this essential and wide-ranging library contains 7 CDs of wav files in 110 different sound effect categories, plus a searchable data disc - all configured for easy use with both PC and Macintosh platforms.

TSK-01: Aircraft, Vehicles & Machinery
1,561 FX / 424 MB
Airplanes, Automobiles, Doors, Machinery, Misc Transportation, Steam, Trucks

TSK-02: Ambiences, Menu FX & Miscellaneous
1,725 FX / 512 MB
Alarms & Beeps, Ambiences, Foley, Menu FX, Pickups

TSK-03: Human Sounds & Footsteps
9,073 FX / 509 MB
Bodyfalls, Footsteps, Human Vocals

TSK-04: Monsters & Magic
2,606 FX / 414 MB
Monsters & Creatures, Mystical & Magic FX

TSK-05: Sci-Fi
723 FX / 166 MB
Energy & Forcefields, Misc Sci-Fi, Sci-Fi Loops, Sci-Fi Weapons

TSK-06: Sports & Recreation
2,483 FX / 687 MB
Air Hockey, Baseball, Basketball, Billiards, BMX, Boxing, Crowds, Crowds - College, Fishing, Foosball, Football, Hockey, Hockey Horns & Buzzers, Hockey Organ Music, Hockey Vocal, Sounds, Misc Sports, Pinball, Skateboarding, Street Basketball

TSK-07: Weapons & Destruction
1,484 FX / 206 MB
Bone FX, Crashes & Smashes, Creaks, Scrapes, & Misc, Destruction, Hits & Impacts, Splats & Squishes, Weapons, Weapons Foley

TSK-DATA: The Data Disc
The SFX Kit Data Disc contains data files in the following four formats: MS Excel, comma separated text, tab delimited text, and a fully functioning version of FileMaker Pro (v.5) that offers a searchable interface. Simply use the MS Excel or text files to import the collection's data into your own search software, or fire up the FileMaker Pro version to perform searches immediately. The Data Disc is compatible with both Macintosh and PC platforms. Place the disc in your CD ROM drive and either copy the MS Excel or text files to your hard drive for import, or follow the instructions for setup and use of the FileMaker Pro search software.

Sound Effects for Game DevelopersSound Effects for Interactive Developers

The SFX Kit - Proud Recipient of both a 2003 Game Developer Front Line Award, and the 2003 GANG Award for Best Sound Library.

The SFX Kit reviewed by Gamasutra.com:
With The SFX Kit, you can examine an individual sound right from the editor, and open it directly or save it to your hard drive. It's quick, painless, and saves a tremendous amount of time with a large project. This feature is by far the biggest selling point for me, so my hat's off to Tommy and his crew for making game audio professionals' lives easier.

This collection's highlight is its utility - practically every sound effect can be plugged straight into a game off the shelf, either as a one-shot or ready-made loop. The library even comes packaged in a nice leather pouch for convenient portability.

With this set, you'll sound professional whether the sounds are used out-of-the-box or for use in making fresh, innovative sounds. At $695, this set is great for anyone in the videogame business who is serious about making their sounds stand out.

Reviewed by Aaron Marks
Game Composer / Sound Designer
President, On Your Mark Music Productions
Author, The Complete Guide to Game Audio


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