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Series 6000 Extension 6 Product Shot.
Series 6000 Extension VI
General Library - Vintage Planes, Human Sounds & More!
10 CD Audio 2506 SFX

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The Series 6000 Extension VI Sound Effects Library

The Series 6000 Extension VI Sound Effects Library - more than 2,500 sound effects, presented on 10 audio CDs, and also available in your choice of 3 broadcast wav file DVD ROM formats: 16 bit/44.1 kHz, 16 bit/48 kHz, or 24 bit/48 kHz. This superb general collection offers a host of professionally recorded sound effects, ready to keep your stable of both everyday and unusual SFX fresh and contemporary.

Update your Series 6000 collection with Extension VI - another installment in our signature library.

6101 Accordions, Acid, Air Conditioners, Jet and Vintage Airplanes
6102 Airports, Alarms, Animals (Badgers & Dogs), Antacids, Auto Sounds, Auto Races & Skids, Bag Sounds, Ball Catches, Bells, Blinds, Boats, Bone Breaks & Movements, Book Movements, Bottle Sounds, Box Sounds, Boxing, Briefcases, School Buses
6103 Cameras, Cans, Cardboard, Cash Registers, Casino Ambiences, Chain Sounds, Chairs, City Ambiences, Clocks, Coffee Grinders, Coins, Comedy Sounds, Computers, Containers, Cookie Jars, Country Ambiences, Crashes & Creaks
6104 Crowd Sounds
6105 Crunches, Cuba Ambiences, Dirt Sounds, Dishes, Doors, Drapes, Drums, Clothes Dryers, Electronic Sounds, Steam Engines, Explosions, Fans, File Cabinets, Fires, Fishing Rods, Food, Footsteps, Freezers, Furnaces, Garbage Cans, Glass Sounds, Pepper Grinders, Hair Dryers, Helicopters, Human Sounds
6106 Human Sounds, Ice, Industry Sounds, Jars, Keys, Knives, Lawn Mowers, Leaves, Hydraulic Lifts, Marsh Ambiences, Matches, Metal Sounds, Microwave Ovens, Mixers, Motorcycles
6107 Musical Instruments, Newspapers, Noisemakers, Ovens, Paper Sounds, Park Ambiences, Picnic Baskets, Plastic Sounds, Pouring Sounds, Projectors, Radio Tuning, Rain, Rakes, Ratchets, Refrigerators, Residential and Restaurant Ambiences, Rips, Rocks, Roller Coasters
6108 Room Tones, Rope Creaks, Rubber Sounds, Sci Fi, Scissors, Servos, Salt Shakers, Electric Shavers, Shovels, Snow, Splats, Squirts, Staplers, Steam Pipes, Stereo CD Players, Streetcars, Guitar Strings, Subways, Suction Cups, Suitcases, Swishes, Switches
6109 Tape, Telemetry, Telephones, Televisions, Thunder, Tissues, Toilets, Toys, Tractors, Traffic, Trains, Trash Compactors, Hedge Trimmers, Typewriters, Umbrellas, Vacuum Cleaners, Velcro, Vending Machines, Video Cassette Cases, Vinyl Sounds, Volcanoes
6110 Walkie Talkies, Washing Machines, Water Sounds, Whistles, Whoopee Cushions, Whooshes, Winches, Wind Sounds, Wood Sounds, Wrap Sounds, Writing Sounds

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