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Series 6000 Collection DVD COMBO

Series 6000 Sound Effects Library DVD Combo
The Complete General Collection on DVD
Your Choice of 3 DVD ROM Formats More than 20,000 SFX

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The Series 6000 "The General" Sound Effects DVD Combo

Imagine all 120 CDs of the Series 6000 "The General" Sound Effects Library and its six Extension collections, more than 18,000 sound effects, all in one easy to access set of broadcast wav files on DVD ROM. It’s an awesome audio army.
Now when you order the Series 6000 DVD Combo, you get both the original Series 6000 DVD package, and the Series 6000 Extension VI Library - all on DVD ROM.

And the best thing is ... you get to choose the file format that suits your production needs best:

• 24 Bit 48 K Broadcast Wav Files on 28 DVD ROMs or ...
• 16 Bit 48 K Broadcast Wav Files on 20 DVD ROMs or ...
• 16 Bit 44.1 K Broadcast Wav Files on 19 DVD ROMs

Here's a brief description of what you get when you order this award-winning series:

The original "General" - Series 6000. It offers a broad spectrum of more than 7,500 sound clips on 40 CDs - including Animals & Birds, Construction, Crowds, Fire, Household, Industry, Military, Office, Sports, Transportation, Weather, and much, much more. The collection also includes long ambience tracks from around the world, Foley sounds, and some truly spectacular audio from four award-winning sound designers. Winner of the prestigious Game Developer Hall of Fame Award, The General Series 6000 represents the very best in general sound effect libraries.

Series 6000 Extension I is a stunning collection of 20 CDs, showcasing over 3,200 professional quality sound effects, all digitally recorded in stereo. We pulled out all the stops to produce this collection - a compilation of today's most in-demand sound effects. We also enlisted the special efforts of some of the industry's most respected sound recordists and sound designers.

The Series 6000 Extension II provides 10 CDs of more than a thousand professional, pristine, in demand audio as a continued complement to the 6000 series of sound effect libraries. Its contents include a full range of popular and practical items and ambiences, plus a comprehensive set of snowmobiles and contemporary telephone sounds - cellular, cordless, electronic and pagers.

Series 6000 Extension III offers an extensive variety of contemporary sound clips - full CDs of all terrain vehicles, automobiles and guns, plus spectacular selections of weapons, battles, horror, crashes, smashes, crowds, doors, explosions, hits, vehicles, swishes, whooshes ... and a whole lot more. The Series 6000 Extension IV offers 10 more CDs and over 1,000 sound effects - everything from the practical to the unusual. Check out this terrific buyout sound FX general collection - it includes a full Hum Vee package, a small fleet of airplanes, heavy construction and road equipment, sounds from a variety of industrial environments, solid rock and wood FX, water, rain and liquids, and a host of other spectacular sound clips.

The Series 6000 Extension V sound effect collection - 10 more CDs and over 1,200 sound effects. This great general SFX library features new selections of cars, trucks, motorcycles, stock cars and drag racing, freestyle motocross, B-24 & B-17 bomber airplanes, a selection of military jets, NASCAR racing, funny cars, video game music, ice & snow FX, lots of great crashes & hits, workshop tools, rain & thunder and paint ball sound effects.

The Series 6000 Extension VI sound effect collection - an additional 10 CDs and over 2,500 sound effects. This superb general collection offers a host of professionally recorded sound clips, ready to keep your stable of both everyday and unusual SFX fresh and contemporary. It includes new selections of Airports, Vintage Airplanes, Crowd Sounds, Human Sounds, Paper, Plastic & Pouring Sounds, Subways, Trash Compactors and Whoopee Cushions.  

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