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Extreme Impact DVD Sound Effect Collection

Extreme Impact DVD Combo
This Collection Packs a Powerful Punch
2 DVD ROM 3,342 SFX

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The Extreme Impact DVD Combo Sound Effect Collection

The Extreme Impact DVD Combo packs a punch. More than 3,300 sound effects designed to get your attention and nail it to the wall. The full contents of seven of our heavy hitter SFX libraries are provided in this collection, and they're ready to come out swinging.
Best of all, the Extreme Impact DVD Combo offers all of these sound effects in a fully digitized broadcast wav format at 16 bit / 44.1 kHz - it's easy drag & drop our greatest hits right into your productions without missing your mark.

Here is a brief summary of what you get in the Extreme Impact DVD Combo:

Crash & Burn offers over 400 sound effects and an outstanding selection of destructive sounds and sequences. Prepare to duck and cover - this library contains disasters, earthquakes and explosions, marine accidents and underwater mishaps.

The Dark Side of Sound is a delightfully dark collection that contains drama, horror & suspense ambiences, plus a full selection of creatures, monsters, ghosts, vampires, zombies, haunted houses and lots of other creepy sound effects.

The original Impact Effects CD contains 605 sound effects, all recorded and designed for maximum effect and impact. Included are crashes, explosions, falls, hits, breaks, cracks, drops, smashes, crumples, and a nice selection of mass destruction.

Impact Effects 2 contains 700 spectacular sound effect impacts of every description, including a wide variety of objects and surfaces, many different styles and literally tons of debris.

The Impact Effects 3 CD is loaded with more than 600 clean crashes, crunches, hits and impacts, and loads of wonderful debris and destruction.

PowerSurge 1 is high energy, high voltage and full of potential - more than 300 sound effects and your power source for electrical sparks, arcs and zaps, crashes, smashes, hits and punches, large impacts, a full range of explosions, weather and natural disasters, and more.

PowerSurge 2 provides another jolt of 260 high voltage sound effects to energize your productions. Full strength, more juice, lots of adrenalin and ready to take your productions to their full potential!


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