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The Civilisation Soundscapes Stereo Sound Library

An unique collection of royalty free sound effects here at Sounddogs.com

The Civilisation Soundscapes Stereo sound effects collection offers more than 500 royalty free ambience tracks, in more than 30 distinct categories - it's a wide ranging collection with lots of variety to offer.

The Civilisation Soundscapes Stereo library contains five DVD ROM discs produced in digital 24 bit / 48 kHz WAV file format, and it is ready for immediate use in stereo applications.

Sound Effects Content by CD:

DVD 1:

Airport Exterior, Alley, Alps, Audience Applause, Audience Laughter, Backyard, Birds, Canyon, Construction, Crowd Airport, Crowd Bar, Crowd Cafeteria

DVD 2:

Crowd Concert, Crowd Exterior, Crowd Hall, Crowd Museum, Crowd Opera, Crowd Restaurant, Crowd Theatre, Downtown, Forest, Hall, Industrial

DVD 3:

Industrial, Interior Vehicles, Interior Vehicles/Alpha Romeo, Interior Vehicles/BMW, Interior Vehicles/Citroen, Interior Vehicles/Clio, Interior Vehicles/Mini, Lift, Nature, Neighbourhood, Open Space

DVD 4:

Open Space, Park, Pedestrian Zone, Rain, Residential, Room Tone, Shopping, Station, Subway, Thunder, Traffic

DVD 5:

Traffic Air, Traffic City, Traffic Highway, Traffic Rain, War, Water, Water Lake, Water Ocean, Wind

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