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The Digiffects Clickshop Sound Effects Library

ClickShop - a 4 CD set of more than 2,300 royalty free sound effects designed to really turn you on ... and off ... and on again. This collection of switches, buttons, beeps, hits, rips, scrapes, clicks, hums, motors and machines offers a great variety of mechanical and other industrial sound clips and backgrounds - both big and small. Also included is a selection of unprocessed sound effects with a wide range of applications for science fiction, horror, fantasy and cartoon productions.

K - 1 Clicks, Beeps, Switches & Miscellaneous 1175 Sound Effects
K - 2 Hums, Cracks, Machines & Miscellaneous 573 Sound Effects
K - 3 Industry, Machines & Domestic 154 Sound Effects
K - 4 Opens & Closes 409 Sound Effects

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