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Dynamic Range Sound Effects Library

Dynamic Range Sound Effects Library
Volumes 1 & 2

2 CDs         1026
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Dynamic Range CDs 1 & 2 from Sonic Boon is an all digitally recorded gun sound effects library. It was recorded with an ear towards "bigger than life" dramatic, visual sound. Dynamic Range gives you sound so big you don't just hear it, you see and feel it. This royalty free sound effects collection consists entirely of gun sounds and their related sound effects. It includes recordings of guns being fired inside and outside, bullet hits, ricochets, silencers and gun handling sounds for Foley sound replacement – Dynamic Range CDs 1 & 2.


- Interior shots of: Revolvers, pistols, rifles, automatic weapons

- Exterior shots of: Assault rifles, special weapons, pistols, revolvers, shotguns

- Gun handling sounds: Automatic rifles, assault rifles, revolves, pistols, shotguns

- Includes: silencers, ricochets and bullet sound effects

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