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Dynamic Range II Sound Effects Library

Dynamic Range II Sound Effects Library
Volumes 3 & 4

2 CDs         1410
       Stereo Effects
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Dynamic Range CDs 3 & 4 from Sonic Boon is a 2 Audio CDs set of more than 1,400 royalty free sound effects providing a very practical variety of firearm sounds. It includes interior and exterior shots and explosions for 14 distinct modern guns and 9 unique period or black powder weapons. There are 113 bullet sound effects including hits into dirt, metal and glass, 69 ricochets and 34 close call "bullet bys". Dynamic Range provides almost inexhaustible selection of spent shell drops and features 17 different ammunition shell types ranging from the .410 Bore Shotgun Shell to the 50 Caliber Browning (Belt-Fed) machine Gun to the 20mm American Anti-Aircraft Shell; recorded as they dropped onto 6 different surfaces: marble, concrete, wood, hard packed dirt, gravel and metal – Dynamic Range CDs 3 & 4.


Firearm sounds including:
- 14 distinct modern guns
- 9 unique period or black powder weapons

Bullet sound effects including:
- Bullet hits into dirt, metal and glass
- Ricochets
- Close call "bullet bys"
- Shell casing drops onto many surfaces

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