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Strike FX 1 Production Elements Library

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Strike FX 1 Production Elements

Looking for a single CD that delivers a great big digital eargasm? The Strike FX 1 production lements CD from Top Format Productions of Holland has more than 400 premium European-styled elements, all with a cutting edge.

These high energy royalty free production elements are ready to give your on air productions new life. Choose from a huge selection of audio goodies:

Big Drops -
Feedback, radio static, space whoosh and noise drops - explosive and under pressure.

Mosquitos -
An amazing set of zipping, robotic, buzzing and other mosquito impacts - lots of different kinds to zap up your productions!

Phones & Tones -
Test pattern tones, launching beep, speed dial and ratchet tones, plus exploding number pad tones - no limits!

Production Elements -
A vast selection of radio bursts here - including launching, falling, chattering, squelched, reversed, catapulted, swirling and accelerating elements that are filled with energy and excitement!

Reversers -
Choose from both disappearing reversers and suction reversers that will keep your audience intrigued!

Speedy G's -
Available in many varieties: short and snorty, buzzed and squeezed, squashed and squished, jazzed and fused, zipped and zapped ... and hollow and whooshed - pick one, pick 'em all!

Noisefloors -
Last but not least - 15 fresh noisefloors of premium quality: throbbing, whirling, wobbly, beckoning, droning, hovering, buzzing, opening, ominous, spinning, echoing, scraping, accelerating, breathy and turbo.

Strike FX 1 has it all ... get yours today!

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