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Strike FX 3 Production Elements Library

1 CD              304 Elements CD Audio

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Strike FX 3 Production Elements

Announcing ... Strike FX 3 ... another super set of European style production elements, now available and ready to provide an extra boost to your radio, television, podcast and Web site imaging.

The third royalty free production elements CD from Anthony Online and Top Format Productions of Holland contains more than 300 production elements, all ready to add interest and zip to your productions.

Here's what you will find on Strike FX 3:

The Aggressive Stuff -
60 powerful in-your-face elements, from "AppLOUD" to "Muffin Explosion" and "Wicked DJ".

The Big Stuff -
35 strong and emphatic elements, from "A Jam on Monsterroad" to "Freezing in Heaven" and "Pluto on the Phone".

The Short Stuff -
160 really useful bits and pieces - including "And Then the Rabbit Said", "Can You Scratch My Feedback", "If I Put My Finger In This", "Purple Reverse" and "Spring is On the Air".

The Whoosy Stuff -
49 more whooshes - including "Glass Whoosh", "Push the Whoosh" and "Whoosh in the Pan".

Strike FX 3 - Another Digital Eargasm - With Love!

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