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Production Elements Toolkit 1

Volume 1 of the Production Elements Toolkit provides more than 500 royalty free elements for broadcast imaging - a full box of terrific tools, all by itself. You get all kinds of choice, and a wide variety of unique and different transitional elements -

Noise Elements
Static Elements
Broken Elements
Tape Scrub Elements
36 FX
21 FX
26 FX
75 FX
77 FX
72 FX
39 FX
Bells, Chimes and Tones
Rises and Falls
Space Junk
Dark Elements & Pads
Musical Elements
22 FX
29 FX
15 FX
13 FX
55 FX
10 FX
11 FX

It doesn't matter if you need a simple hammer or a power tool with punch, the Production Elements Toolkit comes fully equipped with all kinds of precision instruments for fine adjustments ... and a deep collection of heavy machinery for full size construction projects.

Pick one CD from this collection to add a nice chunk of sparkle to your productions, or outfit your workshop to the max with the complete Toolkit - it's a creative's dream come true!

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