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Production Elements Toolkit 4 Library

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Production Elements Toolkit 4

Production Elements Toolkit, Volume 4 - another very practical and unique collection of 600 musical accents and production elements.

Choose this set of handy tools for audio imaging and broadcast punctuation. You can't go wrong with its variety of accents and elements - they provide a perfect combination of transitions and highlights.


Arpeggio Accents
Atmospheric Accents
Bed Accents
Hit Accents

11 FX
31 FX
10 FX
84 FX

ID Accents
Rhythmic Accents
Sweep Accents
Stop Accents

18 FX
21 FX
125 FX
10 FX

Production Elements:

Electro Acoustic Elements
Vinyl Style Elements
Accent Elements
Bubbly Accent Elements
Drone Elements
Transitional Elements
Sweep Elements

19 FX
11 FX
10 FX
9 FX
12 FX
49 FX
34 FX

Swipe Elements
Whoosh Elements
Alarm Elements
Beep Elements
Explosion Elements
Impact Elements
Zap Elements

10 FX
67 FX
11 FX
9 FX
10 FX
15 FX
24 FX

Pick one CD from this collection to add a nice chuck of sparkle to your productions, or outfit your workshop to the max with the complete Toolkit - it's a creative's dream come true!

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