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Production Elements Toolkit 5 Library

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Production Elements Toolkit 5

Production Elements Toolkit, Volume 5 - this CD of over 450 versatile production elements and ambiences is ideal for all kinds of audio and broadcast imaging.

This collection offers a wide variety of great production elements, plus a very useful group of FX elements for 4 different kinds of sound sources: glass, metal, steam and wood. As always, our toolkits are handy and full of audio you just won't find in other libraries.

Production Elements:

Trailer Elements
Short Transitional Elements
Dark Elements
Dark Ambiences
Beep & Buzz Elements

46 FX
34 FX
32 FX
15 FX
19 FX

Explosive Elements
Impact Elements
Sweep Elements
Whoosh Elements
Zap Elements

4 FX
13 FX
64 FX
76 FX
44 FX

FX Elements:

Glass Elements
Metal Elements

21 FX
41 FX

Steam Elements
Wood Elements

14 FX
29 FX

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