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The Big Whoosh 6 Production Elements Library

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The Big Whoosh 6 Production Elements

The Big Whoosh 6 - another superb collection of 500 royalty free whooshes and cutting edge production elements. It's all whooshes, all the time with this jam-packed CD:

Noise Whooshes
Wind Whooshes
Buzz, Screech & Squeal Whooshes
Growling Whooshes
Snarling Whooshes
Grumble & Rumble Whooshes
Thunder Whooshes
60 FX
20 FX
35 FX
44 FX
18 FX
57 FX
12 FX
  Jet Whooshes
Energy & Power Whooshes
Swirl, Waver & Whirl Whooshes
Pipe & Phased Whooshes
Shooting Whooshes
Zap Whooshes
The Whooshing Well
33 FX
51 FX
31 FX
50 FX
15 FX
31 FX
43 FX

The Big Whoosh 6 is packed with nitro. This CD of production elements will add explosive energy to your productions.

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