The Big Whoosh 3 Imaging Elements Collection

The Big Whoosh 3 .... another great CD of whooshes and special sound effects, designed expressly for use in audio imaging. Whatever you need in whooshes, you will find them here:

Plain Whooshes: 58 FX
Complex Whooshes: 30 FX
Jet Whooshes: 35 FX
Dark Whooshes: 24 FX
Hollow Whooshes: 40 FX
Tube Whooshes: 16 FX
Sharp Whooshes: 48 FX
Metallic Whooshes: 46 FX
Gritty Raspy Whooshes: 27 FX
Vex Whooshes: 26 FX
Flutter Whooshes: 28 FX
Sci Fi: 57 FX
Special FX: 10 FX

The Big Whoosh 3 has a varied and interesting selection of whooshes, swooshes and associated sounds. This single CD contains 445 sound effects - all different, all professionally produced, and all ready for instant use in your productions.

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The Big Whoosh 3
Imaging Elements
1 CD Audio 445 Elements