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A great European ambience Sound Effects Library: File Effects!!!

File Effects features over 250 sound effects and ambiences on 10 CDs most of which are in the three-minute duration range.

Some of the fabulous textures you'll find range from modern computer offices and train stations to footsteps and squeaky wooden floors, Hong Kong harbor hooters, traffic, moaning wind, and as you would expect, wonderful interior ambiences.
File Effects has a distinctly European flavor ambiences. Paul Hamblin and Mark Bygrave are two of the finest British sound recordists, and they take the time to record the sound right!

The collection categories include Skylines, Interiors and Exteriors, the Elements, Travel, Transportation, Industry, and so much more.
Paul and Mark have often said that it's not easy going after great sound. An airplane flying over at the wrong time, a car passing by when you've captured the perfect quiet spot for recording bird calls can create a totally unusable end result - so you start it again and get it right.
File Effects is a wonderful collection of completely new and original ambiences and sound effects that every sound professional's collection can't be without.

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