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The Noise Generator Sound Design Elements Collection Library

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The Noise Generator Sound Design Elements Collection

Noise Generator is a motherlode of organically-based real sound design Sound Design Elements, no 're-synthesized synthesizer' crap here, just a huge variety of real sounds grotesquely twisted, dismembered, smacked, & verbally abused. Sounds that would perfectly accent video transitions, graphic packages or footage of exploding livestock - creative, attention getting elements that offer creativity up the wazoo - or anywhere else you may want it.

This four disc collection of royalty free Sound Design Elements was designed to sound COMPLETELY different than the tired, old early 90's FM-radio-ish lasers, white noise sweeps and synthesizer stuff that puts most of us to sleep. So after months of asking producers what they wanted in a sound design package, we had our mission: create a collection of sounds that would stand out and physically knock people off their feet.

Most of the 1,875 sounds on these discs started as real sounds, ie: banging the inside of a dumpster with a hammer, dropping a manhole cover (trust us: that's LOUD) - even stuff like taking microphone feedback, processing the feedback, then feeding it back against itself again. Then, we took these elements and processed the living daylights out of them using digital audio workstations and state-of-the-art digital signal processors (plug-ins and outboard gear). Finally, they were mastered through high-end gear to end up with a ton of sounds that resulted in an incredible sounding product - but incredibly unhappy neighbours.

Noise Generator comes with four colour-coded, fully-indexed audio discs and a 40-page booklet, giving comprehensive information on all of the 1,875 sounds on the disc, organized by type and sound length. This is a premium-priced product, but its worth every dollar.

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