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The Slam Bang Boom Sound Design Elements Collection Library

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The Slam Bang Boom Sound Design Elements Collection

Slam•Bang•Boom is a two CD, 1257 royalty free Sound Design Elements package, plus a corresponding CD ROM of WAV files. With over 89 categories of hits - including explosions, bursts, computer and Internet sounds, flashes, & bowel-loosening thunder and lightning hits - its's got a lot to offer. Slam•Bang•Boom is the second set in the 'Noise Generator' collection of sound design products - dedicated to making the world a far more sonically disturbing place.

More hits than Elvis and The Beatles combined! A 'hit' is defined (in almost 98% of the cases on this disc) as an event with a steep attack transient that reflects an impact, explosion, or forceful expulsion of matter. Useful for anything that uses sound - from radio to video to multimedia. Tools for accenting cuts, titles, flashes, exploding watermelons and for getting your audience's attention. In short, in the war of sound design, Slam•Bang•Boom is your nuclear option.

The sounds on this collection come from a variety of sources, some real and some synthesized. But they all obey one cardinal rule: they were designed to sound different than anything else out there. The only exceptions being sections (like the 'Laser Hits' section on disc one) where we acknowledge that other libraries may feature similiar sounds - but we decided to include them, because they're useful. These 'emulative' sounds comprise less than 5% of the sounds in this collection.

Slam•Bang•Boom comes with two color-coded, fully-indexed CDs, one CD ROM and a 24-page booklet, giving comprehensive information on all 1,257 Sound Design Elements on the disc, organized by type and sound length. The CD-ROM contains 16-bit, 44.1 k, WAV files and is both Apple and PC-compatible. This CD ROM should also work in AKAI S5000/6000 series samplers with OS1.3 or later as well as any EMU or Kurzwell samplers that can import WAV files.

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