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The Transitions Sound Design Elements Collection Library

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The Transitions Sound Design Elements Collection

The ultimate arsenal of whooshes & transitional Sound Design Elements! Transitions is a 2 CD, 1229 element sound design package, plus a corresponding CD ROM of WAV files. Crammed with over 100 royalty free categories of transitions - including powerups, beams, electrostatics, fly-bys, vinyl sounds, rumbles, evolvers & grainy breakups - Transitions is the third set in the 'Noise Generator' collection of sound design products, giving producers an edgier, more offensive, in-your-face selection of sound design.

First, a definition: a 'Transition' is defined (in almost 98% of the cases in this collection) as an event with a sloped attack that builds to an abrupt climax - or builds to a climax and then recedes. Good for aurally accenting wipes, fades, dissolves - or gaping holes in your audio imaging that require covering up. Of course, radio can also utilize these sounds for sweeps and transitions, or just make their productions sound very, very different than what's out there now.

The sounds on these discs come from a variety of sources, some real and some synthesized. But they all obey one cardinal rule: they were designed to sound different than anything else out there. The only exceptions being sections (like the 'Synthy' section on disc two) where we acknowledge that other libraries may feature similiar sounds - but we decided to include them, because they're useful. These 'emulative' sounds comprise less than 5% of the sounds in this collection.

Transitions comes with two color-coded, fully-indexed audio CDs, one CD ROM and a 24-page booklet, giving comprehensive information on all 1,229 sounds on the disc, organized by type and sound length. The CD-ROM contains 16-bit, 44.1 k, WAV files and is both Apple and PC-compatible. This CD ROM should also work in AKAI S5000/6000 series samplers with OS1.3 or later as well as any EMU or Kurzwell samplers that can import WAV files.

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