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BaseHead version 3.x is the new Monster Product for searching and finding your Sound Effects, Music and Audio Files.
It already dominates the Video Game Industry with most all major game houses using it already. If you are a Sound Designer for Video Games of Feature Films using any DAW like Nuendo or Pro Tools and want to speed up your workflow, then this is the product to get!
Originally we made this program just for ourselves to speed up our every day work, but the BaseHead Project has grown beyond that being used by thousands today.

BaseHead Screenshot

New Features in version 3.x: (PC)
  • A Brand new Absolutely Stunning User Interface!
  • A complete code re-write in C# on the .NET platform (.NET 3.5 or higher is required now)
  • New in version 3.5: Server Database Support
  • Album art is shown if embedded in the ID3 tags
  • Plays sounds at different pitches using the NumberPad 0-9
  • Split Stereo Playback of .L and .R WAV and AIF files as stereo.
    (Waveform will turn orange when this is detected and engaged)
  • Continue playback button - To skip to the next record automatically
  • Common Combo and ALL searching in the search boxes
  • Auto-Complete Searching (It remembers now)
  • Stores a Playlist of everything auditioned
  • Destructive Editing of files.
    Hold Shift and wipe a Yellow Range then hit the DEL key and if the edit is good, hit Ctrl+S to Save the File
    Warning:!! This is destructive!!!
  • Reverse Playback
  • Shuffle Mode
  • Pan Slider
  • VST audition
  • AAC playback
  • WMA, WMV and FLAC playback and reading with Tags
  • Auditioning and Full features on the Taglist page
  • Enhanced Browser page now with the ability to Delete files and folders etc.
    plus store/recall recent places.
  • Uses WASAPI for Audio Driver playback now. (bye bye Direct Sound)
  • Auto-Updating of BaseHead inside the program is back and better then ever!
  • Hardwired Region Spotting to Nuendo5.x and Cubase5/6 that spot multiple selected files now
  • Nuendo/Cubase - Automatically follows the session folder path feature (Need to install enclosed SKI plugin)
    Since we are hardwired now expect other custom features for the Steinberg DAW's
  • Nuendo 5.5 and Cubase 6 are supported now as target apps.
  • Reads Nuendo iXML Description field chunk (Other fields coming soon)
  • Pro Tools 10 supported as a Target app with Interleaved spotting and "Spot with Handles" option now.
  • Sonar X1 Support now for region spotting
  • Force Sample Rate feature
  • Skip Silence works on Non-cached files now.
  • Back/Forward searches like a Web browser
  • Sample rates of 88khz and 96khz indicated in Yellow in the details panel.
    Sample rates of 174khz and 192khz indicated in Light Green
    (Both are helpful if you have 2 choices of files to grab at different sample rates)
  • Function to Remove Broken DB Links-Removes missing DB's that are in the bottom left Hotswap box
  • DnD Bar added to the bottom left to make DnD easier.
  • Ctrl+Drag of the waveform will also drag that one selected file.
  • Hide/Show Abilities from the Right Sidebar
    This is one way we replaced the Setup page. More details to come on how this works.
  • Use Description (ONLY) for region name" Nuendo/Cubase and PT (Not finished for Nuendo/Cubase yet)
  • Spot with Handlesto Pro Tools 10
  • Ability to toggle between fixed and multi-line row heights
  • Auto-Switching paths in no longer just for Nuendo. It works with Pro Tools now also
  • Show Folder contents inside the Results page for the selected file. (ALT+F)
  • New PeekTree Panel that shows:
    Favorite Searches
    Recent Searches
    Recently Played sounds
    Recent Paths, and
    Recently X-fered sounds
    (Lots more coming to this panel soon!)
  • Control +Click and Drag from the DnD Bar will now drag the Taglist
    (Moved from the Taglist icon cuz it's bigger and less conflicts)
  • Tons of Workflow improvements like:
    Control+Click on Transfer Path Folder shows it in Explorer
    Control+Click on Database Folder shows it's location in Explorer
    Ability to set Transfer path by dragging a folder to the Transfer Path folder on the main page at the bottom. It's all about the little things.... 8)
    DnD to Browser to show files for quick auditioning
  • Somehow improves your Sex Life even more!! (besides the 3 crazy guys coding it 14 hours a day) hehehe

Other Previous Features: (PC)
  • Drag and Drop Support of the whole file or a selection with either Copying or Referencing
  • Cross-platform license and Database format (No Extra Charge)
  • Waveform caching of all formats supported w/ option to cache locally.
  • Skip Silence playback
  • Setting and Removing of Playback Markers
  • 42 Fields of Metadata searchable
  • Ability to Add Pre, Post and BWAV Descriptions or Shorten file names on Transfer
  • 4 Separate Search Input Fields so you can fine tune searches. Also with Search History
  • Injects renamed Descriptions back into the audio files (WAV/BWAV only)
  • CD/Folder Browsing of files in the Database
  • Boolean Searching (And, Or, Not, Exact)
  • Multichannel audio playback Crashed to Stereo
  • Auto-Switching Paths Feature
  • Licenses work over a Network or Web!
  • Ability to set and mark playback regions
  • SoundMiner v3 Metadata Importing from BWAVs. and Ripper v4 data imported
  • Reads MP3, WMA, FLAC and OGG tags
  • Premium Support is FREE!!

What's new in version 3.x: (Mac)
  • Cleaner looking User Interface with a faster initialization time.
  • Unified Actions across all pages
  • OS X 10.8 support
  • FLAC and .caf file support
  • Server Database support (See BaseHead Server product)
  • Album art is now shown if embedded in the ID3 tags
  • Skip Silence feature
  • Reverse playback mode “Q”
  • Destructive Editing and resaving of files.
  • New left sidebar PeekTree panel that shows:
    Favorite Searches
    Recent Searches
    Recently Played sounds (Playlist)
    Recent Paths and Recently transfered sounds
  • Cross-platform license and Database format at no extra charge
  • Continue Playback to skip to the next record automatically
  • Pan Slider
  • Split Stereo Playback for .L .R file
  • Auto-Updating of the application so you are always up to date.
  • Plays multiple pitches quickly with keypad now (+/- switches pitch direction)
  • Back/Forward button in top left for going to previous and next searches like a web browser
  • Combo Searches now possible ex.“Description+Filename+Folder”
  • Auto-Complete for all 4 search fields
  • Drive ReMapping feature (on the options page)
  • Ability to add multiple Recent Paths to the PeekTree for your target DAW quickly. (Click the blue hooked arrow in the PeekTree)
  • New right side Rename and Process panels (Lots more to added to these in the future)
  • Color indications in the details panel for files with sample rates higher then 48000
  • Pro Tools 10 Spot with Handles option
  • New Start Page with up to date BH info
  • Forced Sample Rate option
  • Show Folder Contents option (Option+F)
  • DoubleClick to Open option to send files to the selected wave editor from the Results page when double clicked.
  • Nuendo/Cubase and Pro Tools: Drop a .ptf .ptx .cpr and .npr file the results page or transfer path folder icon and BH will assign the transfer path to a match the sessions audio files folder now.
  • Taglist Page: Auditioning now allowed along with heaps of other commands and actions
  • Taglist Page: Save and Load of the Taglist now possible
  • Browser Page: Most of the same actions as the Results page now with also a Rescan button now.
    You can also now drag and drop folders onto it also now.
  • Adjustable audio buffer slider on the options page
  • Newly rewritten AIF parser
  • VST Plugin Playback (Coming in 3.1)
  • A ton of bug fixes other stuff under the hood....
  • Improves sex life even more some how! 8)

Things still to come in 3.x: (Mac)
  • VST Plugin Playback (Coming in 3.1)
    Nuendo/Cubase Follow Session folder option and Auto-Switching paths
    Nuendo "Spot with Handles" and "Use Description for Filename" features.
    Pro Tools session auto-detection (if possible)

Previous Features: (Mac)
  • 42 Fields of Metadata searchable
  • FileBrowser Window
  • Tag Viewer Window
  • Quick switching between multiple databases
  • Pitch Slider
  • Taglist Page for Copying/Transferring/Renaming multiple sounds at once
  • Ability to Add Pre, Post and BWAV Descriptions or Shorten file names on Transfer
  • 4 Separate Search Input Fields so you can fine tune searches. Also with Search History
  • Injects renamed Descriptions back into the audio files (WAV/BWAV only)
  • CD/Folder Browsing of files in the Database
  • Boolean Searching (And, Or, Not, Xor, Exact)
  • Opens sounds in a wave editor such as Wavelab or Sound Forge by pressing "W"
  • Multichannel audio playback Crashed to Stereo
  • Multichannel Drawing (Up to 6 channels)
  • Remove Duplicates and Hide/Show features.
  • Ability to access licenses thru the Network or Web!
  • Works over a network
  • Ability to set and mark playback regions and burn it into the files.
  • SoundMiner v3 Metadata Importing from BWAVs.
  • SoundMiner Ripper v4 data now imported
  • Reads MP3 ID3 and OGG tags
  • Nuendo 5, Cubase 5 and 6 Target App/Spot to Track
  • Pro Tools 7-10 Target App/Spot to Track
  • Logic Pro 9 Target App/Region Spotting
  • Premium Support is FREE!!

Tech Specs:

Operating Systems Supported:
PC: Windows 7 and 8, Windows Vista (XP users can still purchase version 2.x, please email us for options)
MAC: OSX 10.6 - 10.8 (If you are still running 10.5 please email us for info about BaseHead 2.x)

File Formats Supported:
WAV and BWAV up to 192Khz 32bit
AIFF (16/24)
Sound Designer II
AAC (.mp4 .m4a)
FLAC - New in version 3.x
.CAF files - New in version 3.x

Applications with Advanced Intergration and Support / Target App support:
Nuendo 5 and Nuendo 5.5
Cubase 5-6
ProTools Version 7.0 or higher (Including PT10)
Logic 9 (MAC)
Pyramix 7 (PC)

Target Applications with Basic Intergration: (PC)
Adobe Audition and Premier Pro
Nuendo 4
Samplitude 11
Sequoia 11
Sonar 8
Sonar X1
Studio One
Sony's Vegas 9-10
Sound Forge 9
Wavelab 6-7
AVID, AVID Express

Other Applications known to work with: (Mac)
AVID, AVID Express
Final Cut Pro
Studio One
(any with Drag and Drop Support from the Desktop)

Data Chunks Imported:
aXML- Our own custom field that is NOT and will NEVER be encrypted!
iXML - From field recorder files (soon compatibility with MediaBay)
BEXT - Broadcast Wave meta-data
ID3 - Inside WAV and MP3
OGG - Inside OGG files
ID3 in AIFF - (Version 3.x and above)
JEXT- the original RED injector chunk
SDMN - From Soundminer 3 files
NMIX - From Netmix Files
WMA and FLAC Tags (PC)
Finder/Spotlight Comments (Mac)

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Ordering Information:

You have 2 options now.

The current price for BaseHead is $289 USD per license if you already own a Codemeter CmStick and $319 if you need one and the usb dongle will be mailed to you with no cost for shipping anywhere in the world.
Make sure you order a week before your 30 day demo runs out so you can continue to run BH since it might take 7 days for the dongle to get to you.
The most current software is always downloadable and never shipped.
If you already own a Codemeter CmStick please email us for instructions to add a BH license to it.

Do you offer Network Floating Licenses so we can run multiple BH licenses off one dongle?

We sure do. For example: you can buy 10 licenses and put them on one CmStick.
Then at anytime up to 10 PC's can run BH on the network at one time.
Go here to order a network license.

Please email us to Support@Sounddogs.com for specifics.

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