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The Edge Edition Volume 2

5 CDs, 592 Sound Effects

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If you're just starting out or simply on a tight budget, THE EDGE EDITION, VOLUME 2 brings you a definitive collection of quality sound effects at a great price.
Produced as a follow up to The Edge Edition, this 5 disc set combines the best effects from a variety of sound categories that can be used on any of your projects - aircrafts, household gadgets, weapons, whooshes and everything in between - can be found in this collection.

The Edge team used several of Hollywood's top sound designers and new recordings from various parts of the country in order to create a deep and diverse sound library. THE EDGE EDITION VOLUME II features effects created by the award winning Soundelux sound design team which include Harry Cohen and Jon Title, who have worked on such blockbuster hits as SPY KIDS, HANNIBAL, GLADIATOR, and THE PERFECT STORM.


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