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Explosions Signature Series

2 CDs, 256 Sound Effects

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Take an abandoned iron ore mine the size of a football stadium. Add one hundred and fifty pounds of explosives. Bring along one of the top sound effects recordists in the business . . . and lots of things that go BOOM!

The Hollywood Edge is pleased to present Patricio Libenson's signature explosion sound effects series. Recorded on an MTR-90 II Otari 24/16 track recorder, using a 4TDFä multi microphone arrangement and Class A mic pre-amps to obtain the best possible sound, these explosions are so real, you'll be glad you weren't there yourself.

Some of the most experienced editors and sound designers from the team at Soundelux Hollywood have also contributed to Patricio's original recordings by sweetening some of the explosions with debris. Using glass, boulders and earth, metal and wood, they have enhanced the original recordings to give you the same effects used in most action-feature films today.

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