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Laughs, Cheers & Applause

2 CDs, 170 Sound Effects

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At first you hear a few snickers, then chuckles, and finally a surge of uncontrollable laughter. Perfect for commercials and subtle sitcom sound reinforcement, Laughs, Cheers, and Applause can give you every conceivable combination of reactions to work with.

The professionals at The Hollywood Edge have gone to live performances, set up the mics in various parts of the audience and have digitally recorded extensive LIVE vocal and crowd reactions. The spectral stereo separation places you in the very center of the crowds. The effects are all real, not an assembled gathering of actors in a setup environment. Perception is everything when dealing with audience reactions. Once you have established the size and type of your audience, it's easy to retain that size for a range of reactions.

From small groups to huge audiences and crowds, if you need a laugh, a giggle, a kick in the pants, or even when you've made a great decision on a project and nobody's around to cheer you on, this two-disc set is for you!

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