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Peter Sullivan Signature Series

2 CDs, 173 Sound Effects

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Peter Michael Sullivan has traveled around the world to bring into your studio the absolute finest environmental textures and effects. Recorded entirely on location and edited over several years, there is no other library like it!

An amazing collection of thunder, rain, and wind so real that when you mix them into your projects, your clients and audience will run for cover. The Signature Series exemplifies exactly how sound effects should be done. The key word is usable! Rob Fiener from CBS has said, "When I'm under a deadline and even when I'm not, I don't like to waste time. I have used most of the major sound effects libraries, and always find myself reaching for The Hollywood Edge. By doing this, I know I'll have the right sound in a matter of minutes."

Peter Sullivan spent time in the Middle East, Europe and Asia and came away with the quintessential sounds of these countries. I especially love the Middle Eastern "Call To Prayer" and "Prayer Chants". The Asian Jungle Dawn spans well over two minutes and captures both the ambient beauty and terror that accompanies the squawk of tropical birds.

This 1st collection in the Signature Series is a must for any serious editor, producer and sound professional. Listen to this first edition of the Signature Series and let us know what you think.

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