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The Premier Edition Volume 5

10 CDs, 1200 Sound Effects

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The Hollywood Edge announces the release of PREMIERE EDITION 5 the latest addition to its signature sound effects collection. The 10 disc set is designed to work perfectly along side its predecessors or stand completely on its own, with more than 10 hours of audio and 1200 effects.

The set contains actual sound effects from some of Hollywood's biggest feature films, which include many hard-to-find effects such as great room tones, cloth movement, new computers, hi-tech sounds, real and Foley rain, and wood and metal scrapes of every kind. There are effects from Academy Award winning sound designers, and field recordings from the new Los Angeles subway, downtown LA and the Los Angeles International Airport.

PE4 also contains both hard effects and complicated composites, and special "scenes" or multi-event effects - all designed to bring a higher quality sound with maximum impact.

Oliver Stone, Martin Scorsese and John Hughes are among the filmmakers who endorse the vast collection produced and compiled by The Hollywood Edge.


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