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Voice Box Vlm 1 and 2
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The Nightingale Voicebox
Premier Collection
Volumes 1 and 2

Audition Above

A two CD set with over 1500 individual elements!

Over 1500 Voice FX and Vocal Production Elements on 2 jam-packed CD's. This great set features complete coverage of the human voice in action including: laughing, crying, screaming, eating, breathing, coughing, sneezing, pain & ecstasy etc. The collection also features a comprehensive Broadcast and P.A. section including news weather & sports...plus yodeling, auctioneers, singing, nursery rhymes, telephone operators, cheering, group reactions, lots of kids stuff, stereo location ambience and more than 50 tracks of words phrases & sayings. The set also features many multi-lingual tracks...

Over 1000 hours of painstaking recording and editing went into this most enjoyable and immensely useful package...Something for everyone...A must have!

$250 (2 CD set)

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