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Chill Purpose is a composer and music producer. He started his musicial activity in early 90's as a composer for 8-bit computer games when he was a teenager. During next few years he was developing his producer skills on PC working over several games and multimedia projects.

Nowadays he's a full time producer involved in making soundtracks for tv/radio spots, commercial presentations websites and mobile devices as well. You can listen to his works in various media productions from CBS american television's reportages, thru internet branding campaigns, to mobile games for kids. As a producer he's unusually flexible, efficient and elegant.

The main keywords for these creations are smooth, subtle and elegant. Most representative music genres are Chill-out grooves, Corporate & Business, Mid-tempo Backgrounds and Children's Music. Chill Purpose recently works on computer game soundtracks and Music applications for iPhone. He also runs WAVEFORMS music production studio.

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