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Blue Fuse

Blue Fuse Music is an ever-growing catalog of music specifically composed and produced for use in audio and audio-visual productions including feature films, television and cable programming, advertising, promos, radio, video, and multi-media productions.
Because the copyright and master recordings are both controlled by Blue Fuse, rights can be pre-cleared and licensed quickly and efficiently.

Not your average library. Blue Fuse is comprised of 5 unique LIBRARIES OF FOCUS, each with it’s own personality, production style, and flavor. The net result is something different, something fresh, something unique, yet something you can still use to fill your everyday production needs.

The Blue Fuse Catalogs are as follows:

RHYTHM PROJECT An inventive music library that focuses on the rhythmic aspects of production music. Full musical compositions with loads of rhythmic instrumentation that distinctly sets it apart from the typical music library. Unexpected, unique, and surprisingly fitting.

FRICTION The edgy, gritty side of production music. Music scored on sandpaper, kicked in the teeth, then delivered to you raw and bleeding. Friction offers tracks for a wide range of everyday applications, yet delivers them with an aggressive attitude and approach that is never nice, never pretty, often offensive, and always cool.

SCORING FACTORY is a powerful scoring toolbox for TV, film, and new media. Each Scoring Factory release offers full length beds and a multitude of tools like musical effects, transitions, bumpers, stingers, drones, ambience, and more. Specifically designed to behave less like production music, and more like custom scoring.

DRUM & BASS An exhaustive collection of highly usable production music themes, riffs, grooves, and more, featuring just….you guessed it…Drums and Bass. From upright bass and trap set, to heavy and edgy, dance, funk, and everything in between. A great fit for productions that need music with character and energy without getting in the way.

UNDERTONES A welcomed new approach to the overwhelming need for underscores. Unlike most underscores and reduced mixes, Undertones is comprised and produced to be skillfully subdued while maintaining a strong, solid musical background.
We believe underscores don’t need to be thin,…they need to be composed properly. Undertones features consistent musical beds and textures that are void of twists, turns, and obtrusive instrumentation.

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