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Simon Wolfe @ Sounddogs.com

This is the first album of the 'Simon Wolfe' project, but it has comprised material which has 'metamorphosised' and evolved over a number of years. Below is an extract of his artist biography, a description of the services he offers and some reviews:

'....This CD features "Chilled", enigmatic styles. Supple airs drift and circulate around fresh beats, and understated electronica elements. The music here is superb for neo-corporate presentations, as well as dramatic productions. The sounds here elicit refined, sophisticated colors and imagery. Neon city nights with a sheen of gentle rain...' Chestnut Mills.

Although specialising in ambient/new age material, Simon has written music in a number of different styles, (new age/ambient, esotheric/electronic, chilled/downtempo, dance/techno, classical and acoustic). The new age, chilled flavour permeates through the different styles.

Simon has written, recorded and produced material for 'Wall to Wall' Television UK (dinosaur documentary), 'Illuminations' UK (music written and arranged for a documentary on Captain Cook's painter, William Hodges on expeditions to Tahiti and India, featuring contributions by Sir David Attenborough).

Once a brief is received, material can be written quickly for the client's requirements, with sensitivity to the client's particular budget and needs in each case. Simon has also done commission writing for some local West country production companies, for example Smith and Watson Productions in Totnes, South Devon. He has also had material licensed for broadcast with music for media companies online.

Paying homage to, and feeding off, the greats of cinematic-scale music, from John Barry and Pink Floyd to Hans Zimmer and The Chemical Brothers, Simon Wolfe creates music to sink into, giving an 'out there... somewhere' feeling - a little more depth...a little more fire!

'This is music to sink into, not to bop to. If you want an emotional roller-coaster ride, then hang on because the spacious isolation of 'Last Perfect Day' will soothe you, the heartache of 'And she smiled' will move you and the sheer unadulterated pounding force of 'Atlantic Breaker' will drive you crazy!'

Simon Wolfe -

Simon is the main driving force behind the project and has worked with a number of different musicians and artists at different stages. He approaches the songwriting projects with an ongoing development of the songs, so that the material is undergoing a constant metamorphic change and development, adapting pieces, reworking them, taking them in different directions.