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Darwin Chamber has been active in sound design for TV and feature projects, as well as the progressive Electronic music scene for more than 20 years. A professional sound engineer on ‘South Park’ and bona fide "knob tweaker," Darwin Chamber has earned respect on a technical level, as well as a creative one.

Darwin Chamber
Releases Cost-effective Sci-Fi Sound Effects Library

For immediate release…June 1, 2008…Los Angeles…Veteran music producer and sound creator Darwin Chamber announced the release of his sound effect library called “DRONE” today. The library contains 200 unique stereo sounds originated in 24 Bit/96KHZ. From alien atmospheres to chilling demonic ambiences, this collection is sure to provide countless hours of creative drones and beds for all types of industry productions.

“My goal was to create a collection of sounds that was different from the rest of the products out there,” says Chamber. “I understand how affordable music and sound effect libraries have exploded in the past few years. DRONE was developed with the independent producer and small-shop production companies in mind. I wanted to make an inexpensive solution.”

For the past 15 years all of Chamber’s albums had the last track as an ambient drone song. This DVD, he says, utilizes his special technique at creating these types of tracks. He feels that his unique background will provide professionals with an original sound to work with.

“The industry is always on the lookout for an easy, all-inclusive product,” he adds. “Whether you’re looking for an underlying ambience for a particular film or video scene, or a descriptive emotion behind an audio drama or documentary - DRONE is your best choice!”

DRONE is being exclusively distributed during the summer of 2008 on Sounddogs.com. It’s currently on sale for $149.99. A preview and complete track list are available here: https://www.sounddogs.com/suppliers/2588.htm.