Master's Workshop is a post facility in Toronto Canada. Founded in 1973, Master's Workshop provides audio services mainly to Large-Format Films (IMAX, Iwerks), Feature Films, Specialty Format / Ride Films (Simex, IMAX Ride film and Showscan). For over 30 years Masters has been a leader in audio post-production for both Large Format films and Themed Attractions. Tim Archer, owner of Master's Workshop, has won many MPSE awards for his work including "Santa vs the Snowman 3D", "The Human Body" and "Pirates".

Master's sound library of over 90 Dats is a hidden gem among sound libraries, containing exceptional and well recorded and non-published vintage cars and military vehicles. Sounddogs was aware of this fact because both Gregory King and Rob Nokes worked there early in their careers. Sounddogs is proud to add this great library to the fabulous sound effects collection online.

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