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Sound Effects publishers invest a great deal of time, money, and effort to produce sound effects, and customers that have legally purchased and licensed their sound effects libraries should not be at a competitive disadvantage because some individuals and companies commit copyright infringement by pirating sound effects libraries. If you are discovered using pirated sound effects you are legally at risk, but more importantly a claim will be made against the producers and production companies that benefited from your pirated sound effects library. Producers fight piracy on a daily basis and they understand that piracy is unacceptable for movies, television, software, and sound effects.

If you would like to legalize your libraries please contact us and we shall help you acquire the proper licenses.

If you would like to report an individual or company that is using pirated copies please let us know, all information is confidential and a reward is given based on our success issuing legal licenses or damages derived from legal action.

Modifying a published sound effect does not make the sound effect yours, it is a derivative work created from a copyrighted source. It is still legally owned by the original publisher. If you have questions about copyright please do not hesitate to contact us we are happy to help.

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