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Sounddogs.com Dog Pack FUN STUFF download



Fun Stuff is a jam-packed download with superior, professionally mastered sounds.  It is guaranteed outstanding.

Fun Stuff was produced by Rob Nokes who has recorded, designed and mastered effects for major motion pictures such as Seabiscuit, Miracle, The Insider, and Ali.

Enhance your production for only $12.45

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FUN STUFF Track Listing

Boing Bouncy Short
Cartoon Fly Whispy Warble
Crowd Munchkins Chaos
Crowd Munchkins React Shock
Drum Paddle Wood Bend Up
Fishing Reel Cast
Foley Squeak Comic
Pop Sharp Quick
Ricochet Quick
Ricochet Rev Splat
Rubber Stretch
Space Sproing
Spin Ascend Whir Fast
Spin Descend
Sproing Boing Jump
Sproing Fast High
Squeak Box
Stopper Cork
String Pick Twice Sharp
Teeth Wood Clack
Time Warp Blast
Time Warp Send Out
Whistle Down
Whistle Up
Whistle Warble Kooky
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