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Dog Pack 3 - Mixed Bag

Mixed Bag is the perfect sound effects CD with a wide selection of 103 effects and a great price. Guaranteed  exceptional, DP3 was produced by Rob Nokes who has recorded, designed and mastered effects for films such as Seabiscuit, Miracle, The Insider, and Ali.

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Included are applause, crowds, kids, noisemakers, screams, surfs, loopable ambiances, fresh transition / title whooshes, foley effects, stings, and luscious underscores.

Enhance your production for $12.95

With Dog Pack 3 - Mixed Bag, you'll be editing like the pros.

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Sounddogs.com DOG PACK 3 - Mixed Bag

Track Listing (CD-Audio / CD-Rom)

Air Horn
Applause and Cheer
Applause and Cheer Roar
Applause Fast and Excited
Baby Crying
Baby Rattle
Baby Squeak Toy
Baby Talking Gibberish
Baby Toy Squeaks Wobble
Balloon Blow Up
Balloon Pop
Blow Out Candles Fast
Body Tumbling in Snow
Boy Scream, Rough
Camera Flash Bulb Old Style
Camera Takes Picture
Church Bell Toll
Church Bells Carillon
Clinking Wine Glasses
Cold Winter Wind - 10 second loop
Crowd, Big - 11 second ambience
Crowd, Small - 12 second ambience
Cupid's Arrow Hits Target
Deep Hum Drone - 33 second ambience
Distant Snowblower
Dive into Water
Door Beel Chime
Dungeon Ambience - 46 second ambience
Fanfare Loop Percussion
Fanfare Loop
Fireworks Scream Bang
Fireworks Scream Crackle

Fireworks Sizzling
Flesh Squish, Splort
Footsteps in Squeaky Snow
Footsteps on Crunchy Snow
Graduation Cap Up and Land
Hawaiian Rhythm
Hawaiian Underscore
Hockey Game - 16 second loop
Hockey Stick Handling
House Door Close
House Door Open
Jazz Underscore
Kids Cheer
Kids Laugh
Kids Play in Snow Squeal
Kids Say Happy Birfday
Kids Say Happy Fathers Day
Kids Say Happy Mothers Day
Kids Say Surprise Happy
Kids Say Yay
Kids Say Yippee
Kids Scream Worried
Kids Sing Humpty Dumpty
Kids Sing Row Your Boat
Kiss Big Smooch
Knife Sharpen
Knife Slice Flesh
Knife Stab Thump
Knock on Wood Door
Light Match
Man Grunt Afraid
Man Yell Whoa, Fun
Men Cheering Woo Hoo
Monster Growl, Deep
Monster Growl, Warning
New Years Noisemaker 1
New Years Noisemaker 2
New Years Noisemakers, Group

New Years Party Horn, Metal
New Years Party Horn
Party Crowd - 8 second loop.
Rock Underscore
Scary Hollow Drone - 31second ambience.
Scraping Ice
Shoveling Snow
Skate By
Skate Up and Stop
Ski Downhill and Stop
Skidoo In Stop and Off
Skidoo Pass By Fast
Slapshot Down Ice
Sled Pass By
Sleigh Bells Single Shake
Sleigh Bells Jingle
Slide Whistle Down
Slide Whistle Up
Small Bell 1
Small Bell 2
Snowboard Jump and By
Snowboard Land Explosive
Snowboard Ride
Static Whine Drone
Title Whoosh Fast
Title Whoosh Impact Echo
Title Whoosh Soft
Title Whoosh Sparkle
Title Whoosh Surreal
Traditional Asian Underscore
Turkey Gobble
Waves and Surf - 16 second loop.
Whip Sharp
Winter Traffic Slushy - 10 second loop.
Woman Screams, Hoarse

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