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Dog Pack 4 - More Mixed Bag

Dog Pack 4 - More Mixed Bag is a jam-packed sound effects CD with a wide selection of 117 effects.  Like its popular predecessor Dog Pack 3 it is guaranteed outstanding.

DP4 was produced by Rob Nokes who has recorded, designed and mastered effects for films such as Seabiscuit, Miracle, The Insider, and Ali.

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Included are applause, crowds, doors, laughter, protestors, guns and knives, wacky voices, redneck crowds, foley effects, authentic police radio calls, and Argentinean soccer crowds.

Enhance your production for only $12.95

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Sounddogs.com DOG PACK 4 - more Mixed Bag

Track Listing (CD-Audio / CD-Rom)

Cheering 01
Crowd Cheering 02
Crowd Cheer 01
Cheer 02
Crowd Cheer 03
Cheer, Female
Crowd Cheer 04
Crowd Cheer 05
Crowd Yell
Fight, Beating
Scream, Girl
Scream, Children  
Laughter, Group, Female
Laughter, Female 01
Laughter, Female 02
Laughter, Female 03
Laughter, Group, Male 01
Laughter, Group, Male 02
Laughter, Group, Male 03
Laughter, Group, Male 04
Kiss - Quick, staggered. Voice, Female Moan 01
Voice, Female Moan 02
Voice, Female Moan 03
Crowd, Rally
Voice, Protest, Male
Breaths, Coughs, Male

Swallow, Male - Deep.
Children, Playing 01
Children, Playing 02
Door, Barn
Door, Cupboard
Door, Knob
Door, Lock
Door, Knock
Door, Wood
Door, Wood, Rickety
Window, Wood
Body Fall, Bed
Body Fall, Concrete
Gun, Foley
Gun, Pellet
Knife - Draw
Mortar and Peslte - Grind
Pot - Set down, ringing.
Pot - Tap softly, ringing slightly.
Coffee, Beans - Pour
Coffee, Espresso Grinder 
Coffee, Espresso Filter Holder
Coffee, Milk Frother
Book - Close with slap, some shuffling.
Rope - Saw steadily.
Rocking Chair
Wood, Crash

Metal, Hit
Coins - Drop
Dig, Trowel
Flag, Flap
Lighter, Zippo
Slap, Hands
Basketball, Foley
Voice, Male
Drink - Drink from paper cup 
Squish, Foley
Water, Swirl
Toy, Moan Tube
Toy, Rubber Ducky
Toy, Whoopie Cushion
Radio Dispatch, Police, Dallas 01
Voice, Male - various
Voice, Male, Redneck
Voices, Male, Group, Redneck
Crowd, Soccer

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