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Cars is a jam-packed download with superior, professionally mastered sounds.  It is guaranteed outstanding.

Cars was produced by Rob Nokes who has recorded, designed and mastered effects for major motion pictures such as Seabiscuit, Miracle, The Insider, and Ali.

Enhance your production for only $14.95

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CARS Track Listing

BMW 325i, Away, Medium BMW 325i, By, Medium BMW 325i, Up, Stop, Med, Brakes Car, Backfire, Crack, Reverb Car, Brake, Hand, Pull, Grind Car, Brake, Parking, Set, Grind Car, By, Fast Car, By, Med, Rattle Car, By, Medium, European Car, Door, Close, Slam Car, Door, Heavy, Close, Slam Car, Door, Key In, Click, Turn Car, Door, Loose, Close Car, Door, Loose, Open Car, Door, Low, Open Car, Horn, Antique, Single Car, Horn, High, Single, Short Car, Horn, Two, Med Car, Idle, High, Low Car, Sportscar, Away, Fast Car, Start, Away, Med, Throaty Car, Trunk, Loose, Close Car, Wipers, Med, Run, Off Car, Wipers, Swish, Water, Med Power Window, Jerky, Up, Down
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