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Master's Workshop Vintage Car Collection

 Master's Workshop Vintage Cars 1 contains: - Rolls Royce 1934: doors, horn, gear grind, false start, idle loop, up & away, passbys. - Packard 1939: doors, horn, idle loop, up & away, passbys. - Chevrolet 1940: doors, horn, start & away, up & off, passbys. Total: 23 files.

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 Master's sound library is a hidden gem among sound libraries, containing exceptional and well recorded and non-published vintage cars and military vehicles. The Sound Dogs knew this because both Gregory King and Rob Nokes worked there early in their careers.

Founded in 1973, Master's Workshop provides audio services mainly to Large-Format Films (Imax, Iwerks), Feature Films, Specialty Format / Ride Films (Simex, Imax Ride film and Showscan). Master's is also the birth place of the Academy Award Winning Soundmaster synchronization system.

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