Bathroom and Shower Sounds

Bathroom and Shower Sounds
36 AIF or WAV files
121 megabytes
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Bathroom and Shower Sounds is the first in a series of household Jet Sets.

You'll have everything you need to cover any domestic scene in your mulit-media project: showers, shaving, shampoo and water, brushing and washing. See the list below for details.

An incredible value: over 35 royalty-free AIF or WAV sounds for $19.95 ~ less than $0.55 per sound.

See what files are in Bathroom and Shower Sounds:

Bath Tub Fill Stir Bath Water Brush Teeth and Spit
Clip Toe Nails Rub Soapy Hands Wash Hands
Asthma Inhaler Puff Shaving Cream Lather Bath Tub Plug
Electric Razor - Shave Electric Razor - Switch Shave Face
Shave Neck Shower Curtain Taking a Shower
Soap Dispensor Pump Toilet Lid Cologne Bottle Spray
Euro Toilet Flush Standard Toilet Flush Flush Toilet Through Door
Urinate in Toilet Sink Drain Gurgle Wash Body
Bath Tub Drain Shampoo Glorp Water Splash
Water Splash (Submerge) Water Splash (Exit Tub) Water Splash (Enter Tub)
Swirl Water Hair Dryer Run Zipper
Aerosol Hair Spray Urinate (Through Door POV) Shaving Cream Foam

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