Buttons - Sound Designer's Toolbox

Buttons - Sound Designer's Toobox
30 WAV or AIF files
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Be prepared for any multimedia project with Airborne Sound's Buttons - Sound Designer's Toolbox Jet Set.

You'll find menu selects, switches, chunky presses and sound design elements. These 30 royalty-free MP3s have you covered with the classics as well as tactfully designed clicks, flicks and buttons.

Ideal for designers who are looking for fresh elements to enhance their web pages, DVD menus or Adobe Flash animations.

Looking for more, unusual button sounds? The Buttons - Creative Pack Jet Set has 20 artistically designed clicks, activation sounds, and buttons.

See what files are in Buttons - Sound Designer's Toolkit:

Chunky Plastic Button Metallic Button Loose Button Press
Tubby Button Loose Button Airy Pump Button
Bell Ring Button Nasal Buzz Button Crystal Button Press
Button Drone By Resonant Button Button - Flick
Fluttery Button Metallic Button Slick Button Depress
Button - Tock Twangy Button Button - Whisk
Button - Vibrate Button - Tick Button - Plastic Tick
Menu Activate - Buzz Menu Activate - Ticky Menu Select - Airy
Menu Select - Choppy Bell
Thin Switch Flick Switch - Dial Turn Switch - Dial Turn Thin
Switch - Dial Turn Fast Classic Switch Turn

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