Buttons - Creative Elements

Buttons - Sound Designer's Toobox
20 WAV or AIF files
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Looking beyond the usual click and flick button sounds? Innovate with the Buttons - Creative Pack Jet Set.

You'll find 20 unusual buttons, menu activation and menu select elements. They're cool, comic, provocative and, well, weird: sproings, boings, plucks, twangs and flutters.

Spice up your website or Flash animations with Buttons - Creative Elements.

Looking for classic button sounds? The Buttons - Sound Designer's Toolbox Jet Set will cover your bases with 30 royalty-free effects.

See what files are in Buttons - Creative Elements:

Airy Whoosh Button Metallic Button Depress Buzzing Button
Button - Spit or Buzz Cartoon Button - Bounce Cartoon Button - Boing
Crystal Button Fat Analog Button Button - Flutter and Sneer
Button - Pluck Sci Fi Button Twangy Button
Spacey Button Button - Static Button - Deep and Twangy
Wispy Button
Menu Activate - Crystaline Menu Activate - Flutter Menu Select - Thin Flutter
Menu Select - Stuttering, Crystal

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