Whooshes, Swipes, Swooshes and Fly-Ins

Whooshes, Swipes, Swooshes and Fly-Ins
42 WAV or AIF files
21 Megabytes
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Whooshes, Swipes, Swooshes and Fly-Ins offers over 40 diverse whoosh sound effects for just $25.00

Use fly-ins to enhance your Powerpoint or Keynote presentation. Choose a swoosh to add impact to your Adobe Flash animations. There are discrete, supportive whooshes to sit under your video presentations or home movies. You'll also find scores of creative swooshes to add more character when you need it.

Bursts, blasts, energy swells, glimmers, shimmers, wobbles and warps. They're all there in Whooshes, Swipes, Swooshes and Fly-Ins.

See what files are in Whooshes, Swipes, Swooshes and Fly-Ins:

Raygun Blast Whoosh Airy Whoosh - Fast Blast Whoosh
Electric Burst Whoosh Buzz Whoosh Whoosh Whip By
Choppy Whoosh Cyber Whoosh Distorted Whoosh
Slushy Buzz Whoosh Air Whoosh - Glimmer Warp Whoosh
Blast Whoosh and Away Electric Whoosh Energy Blast By
Energy Whoosh Build Airy Whoosh - Wobble Energy Whosh Invoke
Fluttering Whoosh Sparkling Hollow Whoosh Metallic Fluttering Whoosh
Metallic Groaning Whoosh Funny Whoosh Sharp Metallic Whoosh
Shimmering Whoosh Slushy Whoosh Away Whoosh Up and Hit
Slushy Panning Whoosh Underwater Whoosh Swirling Whoosh Away
Deep Swirling Whoosh Tinkling Whoosh Wet Whoosh
Slushy Whoosh Up and Stop Electric Burst Whoosh - Waver
Deep Power Down Power Down, Collapse Buzzing Power Down
Whoosh Arrive and Power Down Twittering Power Down Power Down, Collapse, Long

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