Jet Set Carry-On 1 - Mixed Ambiences Collection

Carry-On 1
9 WAV or AIF files
191 Megabytes
Over 21 Minutes
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Need urban ambiences? Pack the essentials and dash into the edit suite with Airborne Sound's Carry-On Jet Set. The Carry-On series has indispendable, high-quality sounds in a compact, high-value package.

Carry-On 1 bundles up over 21 minutes in nine sounds for just $1 per sound. You'll hear fresh urban atmospheres including thriving crowds, station ambiences and vehicles. Also included: some nasty snoring that definitely won't put you to sleep.

Stay tuned for more Carry-On Jet Sets.

See what files are in the Carry-On 1 Jet Set:

Man Snoring Bus Station Platform Busy Food Court
Riding Bus Atrium Crowd Ferry Station Crowd
Airport Passenger Pick Up Riding Hatchback Parking Garage

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